Caravan & Motorhome Products in Waikato

If you are looking for products for your caravan or motorhome, then look no further. The Caravan & Motorhome World can provide a number of products to get your caravan back to the way it was the day you bought it. The special and sometimes retro products we stock are hard to come by, our company stock them as we have been in the business for 30 years we have had the ability to acquire them over time. 
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Products We Sell

  • Restored caravans
  • Retro caravans
  • New Caravans - custom built
  • Alteration products for Motorhomes, buses and caravans
  • Rubber seals - around windows, trims sell to glaziers around the country as well as people restoring their own caravans
  • Parts for caravans - stove, fridges,
  • Old caravans parts
  • Window stays - manufacture (custom built 3 different types)
Motorhome standing in a row
Caravans and motorhomes

Fantastic New Caravans and Motorhomes

At Caravan & Motorhome World Ltd we build and manufacture our own brand of caravan from scratch. We have perfected a base model that can be customised to suit your needs. You can sit down with us for a consultation so we can work out the best caravan or motorhome for you. You can choose the kitchen fixtures to the fabric that goes on your couch! Whatever you require we can custom build a great product for you. Give the team a call today to get started on your next wonderful project.

Self Sealing Weather Strips

Caravan and Motorhome World Ltd. can supply a wide range of Extruded Rubber Channel Strips.
Please see some examples:
Caravans and motorhomes
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